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??Confucius is China's heavy thinker, educationists honorific title being a sage; He is the first strange stone theoretician in China too at the same time.
This network introduces the strange stone of Luzhou for the basic point , propagates the strange stone culture of Luzhou, establish strange stone influence and position of the strange stone circle at home and abroad of Luzhou. We are devoted to with domestic and international every strange stone fan , the person who pays close attention to exchanges in a friendly way, Open up the strange stone cultural new field of Luzhou together.
??The Web site briefs on
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Always states in Luzhou ??The local stone city
????Luzhou, Sichuan. Lying in the southeast of Sichuan Province, Sichuan, change, Guizhou Province, department that combines Dian. Pair gathers around the exemplary city, country for China's historical cultural city, country in Luzhou The hygiene city of home.
www.lzqs.com this developing Web site, depend on the supporting together of stone friends, we welcome strange stone fan s from all walks of life to come over sincerely, And earnestly ask to leave your valuable suggestion . Besides, the Web site offers the convenient condition that the stone friend shows that the individual collects too, The Web site will propagate it to the world with the greatest enthusiasm .
????This station is devoted to chaining the Web site of special topic of every strange stone in connection, form one and award stones the Grand View Garden on Internet, Convey the elegant demeanor and romantic charm of the strange stone of China to all parts of the world.
Market address: " dragon's spring bridge" of signboard of spoken parts in an opera of city backbone is laid
??Picturesque landscape
????The Changjiang River and picture stone of Luzhou are obtained " first silver medal of" the second Liuzhou international strange stone treasure match" all over the world.
??The author: Xia HuaBing
????One of the stranges founder of stone association of Luzhou, hide the stone home, awarding stones home, strange stone theoretician famously ....
Strange stone, have another name called and view and admire stones, the refined stone, Support stones, the stone is played, Japan is called water and stone, Korea S. is called the longevity stone, does not mean that the thing chisel and carve, have stones of natural aesthetic feeling . Including peculiar fossil, mineral and crystal and rock,etc.. The strange stone has unique form . The strange stone has viewing and admire, collecting and scientific research value. Award at China, through the ages, the love stone, search the sources of culture,, stone of long standing and well established wind product Cang Shi stones of compatriot stone, Have formed a kind of traditional awarding stones culture. And then influence all countries and regions abroad, even to this day, awarding stones becomes the international trend gradually. The statistics show, there are 20 million natural strange stone fan s at least in the whole world, and has established the world and love the stone association, Fan's association of stone of international natural art waits for and award the stone group internationally.
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